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If we survey the reason of violence than the first and main problem is Drug Rehabilitation and the addiction of drug. To Stop this problem we start a de addiction, drug rehabilitation center in Punjab location of our drug center are Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Hoshiarpur,Kapurthala and Phagwara.

The First and important point is to change and improve your life.we provide good facilities and features in our centers.Our staff has great experience to manage and handle the situation.We remind the personnel to achieve the goal and principle of life.


In Himachal Pradesh, the smoking rehabilitation center and Nasha Mukti Kendera proved very beneficial for personnel having addiction of smoking and drugs. our center people turn over to new life after some time. They know the principle of life and understand their responsibility for the country and family.


The ratio of drug addiction is very decreased.Our center cover much space for patients.Customer support is available for 24/7.Expert doctors are available in our centers.We share daily medical report with the patient family.Types of Drug Rehabilitation Treatment


Detoxification is the process to clear the drug from body. It helps you to enhance the overall health. it is a medical term that plays an important role to desperate the drug from the body. It is a simple, cheap and effective method to remove chemical substance and maintain your health. Drug Rehabilitation Center in Punjab is very expert for detox treatments.


Medication is the best treatment to fight against the diseases. Medication may be short term or long term treatment according to your health position. Over-dose medicine can effect on your health. We can also be said that medication is the application to free your health from harmful diseases and injuries.


The main motive of counselling therapy is to improve the human behavior and feelings. Counselling is an another type of talking therapy, in this way you can talk and share your problem very confidentially, this is the good method to free from depression and human can play a very supportive role in his own life.


Holistic treatment is the part of Rehab counselling center. It considered with the mind, spirit, and emotions. We can also be said that it is the solution to maintain detoxication. It helps you and your family to gain optimal solution and happiness. this is the alter solution to free from stress.

No.1 Rehab in punjab

No.1 Rehab in Punjab for Drugs, Alcohol and heroin addicted patients by latest techniques at affordable price with Aas di Kiran. Since our rehab has started in July 2007, we soon grew to no.1 rehab in Punjab. We are the best rehabilitation centre that provides the utmost facilities to our patients.We follow strict guidelines because of which we tend to provide best recovery rate than other competitors. Our promise of 100% pure|complete recovery to our patients is helping us to be best rehabilitation centre in Punjab. We are helping numerous addicts to get back to their normal life. Our treatment will begin as soon as possible and understand that the process of detoxing takes place gradually, one has to be consistent with medication for few days and counseling sessions. We are Best De-addiction Center in Patiala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Bhuntar, Hamirpur, Kasauli, Katra Jammu, Panipat, Rohtak, Rupnagar, Udhampur and Shimla. We are slowly expanding our network to other cities to help our society. This is due to the fact that many cities have been affected because of excessive supply of drugs like Opium, Marijuana, meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol and etc. All these drugs are dangerous for health. Not only they cause bad trips to people who make them do things they never wanted to or even imagined of, but it causes heart attacks and breathing problems. It is very dangerous for the mental and physical health on a long term and De addiction Centre in Punjab. It is advisable by Aas Di Kiran which is approved by Punjab Government to put patient on a detox first and Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab.

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Detoxification, also referred to as medically-managed withdrawal, is usually the first step in the substance abuse treatment process. The body removes drugs from its system during Detoxification, but a hasty discontinuation of drug can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening, withdrawal symptoms.



Medication-assisted treatment helps reduce cravings and symptoms of withdrawal during detoxification from some drugs. Medications are not replacements for drugs. They simply ease withdrawal.


Counseling and Therapy

Detoxification and medication simply mitigate symptoms of withdrawal. Counseling and therapy help reduce drug use and dangerous behavior. Counseling usually focuses on long-term coping and behavioral strategies. It can be individualized or in groups. Therapy provides incentives for sobriety, helps modify attitude and improves life skills.



Holistic treatment can help reduce stress and improve feelings of happiness and energy, but it should always be used in combination with supervised detoxification and counseling therapy.Holistic treatment can include acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, journaling, meditation, music therapy and yoga.




Best Rehab/Nashamuktikendra for NRI

I been trying to fight my addiction since i was 21 At last i got the message of Aas di Kiran which helped me to recover and come back to my normal life.I am so thankful to Aas di Kiran which is helping youth like me.



Calgary, Canada


Best Rehab/Centre for NRI in India

My whole life and thinking was centered in drugs in one form or another. The getting and using and finiding ways and means to get more. I lived to use and used to live. Since 2016 i am in recovery all thanks to Aas di kiran.



London, UK


Best Deaddiction Rehab/Nashamuktikendra

I was using drugs since 2002and my life was compeletly disturbed and meaningless, I tried to many time to quit but failed. Atlast i got the message of Aas di Kiran in 2018 and since then i am in recovery, thanks to Aas di Kiran team for saving my life.




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